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Latest progress in agricultural machinery subsidies

News Center
2017/11/25 15:37
Since the beginning of this year, the competent agricultural machinery departments and financial departments at all levels have fully implemented the deployment requirements of the “Guiding Opinions on the Implementation of Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidies from 2018 to 2020”, carefully organized and implemented a new round of agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policies, and responded to the needs of agricultural time, focusing on key points and urgent use. Machinery and equipment will give priority to the implementation of subsidy application acceptance and other efforts to ensure the "three summers" agricultural production. Mainly presents three characteristics:
    1. Grasp the launch of a new round of policy implementation
    From 2018 to 2020, it is a new three-year cycle for the implementation of the agricultural machinery purchase subsidy policy. This year is the start-up year. The preparatory work is heavy, time is tight, and requirements are high. In February of this year, the Ministry of Agriculture and Finance issued a nationwide guidance and held a symposium on implementation work to make a comprehensive deployment of the new round of implementation work. The provincial-level agricultural mechanization authorities and the financial departments, in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Finance, have organized and carried out various tasks, and have successively issued central financial funds to the counties. As of June 20, the main wheat producing province subsidized 113,000 farmers to purchase 125,000 sets of equipment (sets) to fully guarantee the demand for subsidies for the purchase of agricultural products in the “three summers”.
    Second, promote the continuous optimization of the "three summers" agricultural machinery and equipment structure
    The competent departments of agricultural mechanization at all levels closely focus on the demand for agricultural production, give full play to the support and guidance role of subsidy policies, and give priority to subsidies for the urgently needed machinery for the production of “three summers” agricultural machinery such as power machinery and harvesting machinery, and the use of funds accounts for nearly 70%. Driven by the subsidy policy, the structure of agricultural machinery and equipment for “three summers” was further optimized, and the wheat combine harvester continued to grow to a large scale. The feeding capacity of mainstream implements increased from 2.5 kg to 5-6 kg, and a small amount of seed drills and grain drying The number of dryers and other possessions continued to grow rapidly, and the equipment and equipment structure was more scientific and better.
    Third, strive to improve the ease of implementation of the policy
    The competent departments of agricultural mechanization at all levels continuously innovate management service means, further optimize the operational procedures on the basis of ensuring the safety of funds, and use information technology to greatly enhance the convenience of enterprises to participate in policy implementation and farmers to apply for subsidies. 38 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities, corps, and farmland) all implement subsidies for the purchase of machinery and equipment within the scope of subsidies. Farmers will no longer need to consider whether there is subsidy or not, and strive to implement real-time disclosure of funds, so that all sectors can grasp the amount of funds. Whether there is any situation, reasonable arrangement of equipment purchase and supply plan; comprehensively standardize the inspection process of subsidized machinery, explore the results of the inspection of tractors, combine harvesters and other license management equipment directly as the result of inspection of subsidized equipment, further improve work efficiency; 26 provinces (districts) , the city) actively pilot application of mobile APP to apply for subsidies, and strive to achieve remote access to information through mobile phones, apply for appointments, apply for subsidies, more convenient for farmers to buy reimbursement; 32 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities, agricultural institutions) use subsidy machine network In the filing system, the production enterprises independently upload the information of the machine tools, select the corresponding grades and subsidies, further enhance the sense of corporate responsibility and work autonomy, and strive to solve the cumbersome and inconvenient problems of submitting paper-based materials.
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