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How to apply for agricultural machinery purchase subsidy

Company news
2017/08/25 15:53
· Agricultural machinery purchase subsidy refers to the state subsidies for farmers, individual farm workers, agricultural machinery professional households and agricultural machinery operation service organizations directly engaged in agricultural production, and purchase and renewal of agricultural machinery for agricultural production. The purpose is to promote the level of agricultural mechanization. And agricultural production efficiency.
· Since the implementation of the national subsidy policy for agricultural machinery purchase, it has promoted the rapid growth of the total agricultural machinery power in the country, and the comprehensive mechanization level of farming and harvesting has continued to improve. It has played an important role in safeguarding China's food security and increasing farmers' income and consolidating the basic position of agriculture in the national economy.
So, how do you apply for a farm machinery purchase subsidy?
1. The applicant takes the ID card to the dealer to select the model independently, agrees on the purchase price, and the dealer fills in the “Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Information Card” and stamps the applicant.
2. The applicant applies for the second-generation resident ID card, household registration book, agricultural bank passbook and Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Information Card to the County Government Affairs Center Agricultural Machinery Window.
3. The agricultural machinery and financial departments shall determine the subsidy targets in the order of application for subsidies, and issue the “Notice of Confirmation of Subsidy Indicators” and “Application Form for Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidies”.
4. The applicant shall, with the “Notice of Confirmation of Subsidy Indicators”, purchase the machine at the dealership within the validity period, and the dealer shall issue an invoice, carry out the man-machine photo, and enter the management system.
5. The purchaser will bring the “certificate of qualification” for the purchased machine and product, hold the original and copy of the purchase invoice, 2 “Application Form for Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy”, “Notice for Confirmation of Post Indicators”, and “Supply of Subsidized Machines” 2 copies of the verification form, my agricultural bank passbook, go to the Agricultural Machinery Bureau for registration and registration, inspection procedures; in accordance with the license management equipment, at the same time handle the registration of machinery.
6. The agricultural machinery department will announce the subsidy for the subsidy fund in the village where it is located for not less than 7 days. After no objection, the relevant subsidy materials will be sent to the financial department for review.
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