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Production and sales of ZL918 type continuously variable / mechanical variable speed small loader

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2017/08/25 15:52
490 power, 1200 bead tires, 3 m unloading height, 1.5 m bucket, 50 bridges, 20 booms. Under the ordinary head 2.9 meters
490 power, 1200 bead tires, 3.2 m unloading height, 1.5 m bucket, 50 bridges, 20 booms. The next bedroom widens the new head, 3 meters
1. The hydraulic system is equipped with a decompression Belgian pilot valve, which is easy and convenient, and can realize the stepless speed control of the machine.
2, the boom is arbitrarily raised and lowered, the bucket and the boom hydraulic link have no dead angle, and the work efficiency is high.
3, gas top oil main control system, double variable power shift technology, work is easy and convenient.
4, Henggong loader series products, are selected with the best domestic and international high-quality accessories, reliable quality, in line with human needs.
5. Powerful and reliable, and stable operation.
6, large wheelbase, reasonable bridge load distribution, the whole machine.
7. The tailless design has a small turning radius and is flexible.
8. The power system uses Weifang Kaiwo 6105 and Dongfanghong 4108Z engine, which has reliable performance and high efficiency.
   Laizhou Hengchun Machinery Co., Ltd. Henggong Machinery is located in the beautiful and richly endowed Bohai Bay on the Jiaodong Peninsula, the junction of Yantai, Qingdao and Weifang, Laizhou City. The Laizhou Port of Weiwu Expressway, Dalailong Railway, 206 National Highway and 10,000-ton berth runs through the east, west and north. The traffic is very convenient and the geographical position is unique.
   The company has always pursued the "quality, reputation first" business purpose, and constantly improve the process. Improve the technical level, improve product performance, improve product quality, is our product has won the praise of users.
   The company's products have passed the international quality system certification and are widely used in construction sites such as construction, road construction, mining, factories and rural areas. The main products are: zl08, zl10, zl12, zl15, zl16, zl18, zl20, zl30 loader, the product structure is reasonable, the operation is simple and flexible, the whole machine is sturdy and durable. The main components such as clutch, transmission and drive axle have good versatility, which provides great convenience for users' product maintenance. The products are exported to all parts of the country.
   The company's perfect sales network, reasonable sales price, quality after-sales service, think of the user's thoughts, the urgency of the user, and dedication to provide customers with first-class products and services.
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