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Culture is the soul of an enterprise, the intrinsic factor of deciding the business performance of an enterprise, and the key power for promoting sustainable and healthy development of an enterprise. Hengchun culture is the inheritance of Chinese excellent traditional culture, and the crystal accumulated by Hengchun people in practice for a long time, which achieves Hengchun’s past and further guides Hengchun’s future.
Business tenet: Quality First, Credit Supreme
Benefit staff: build a sustainable career platform for staff, to realize their personal value and happy life through hard work.
Achieve customers: provide customers with quality products and services, to achieve the career together with customers
Keep an entrepreneurial mentality and creative impulse all the time
No limits for entrepreneurship and career
Pursuit of Excellence, Non-satiation Assumption
Alteration with changes, change with needs, transformation with initiative
Non-conformity, courage to try new thoughts and new methods

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