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Since its inception, Hengchun Machinery has carried the passion and excellence pursuing dreams of Hengchun Machinery people. As one of the most important tools for changing and creating the world by human, the construction machinery industry plays an incomparable role. Hengchun Machinery comes down to earth and goes ahead steadily and surely without ambitious and anxious attitudes, and is devoted to leading the development and progress of the construction machinery industry.
The company's products have passed the international quality system certification. Widely used in farmland, construction, road construction, mining, factories and other construction sites. The main products are: corn straw harvesting automatic baling integrated machine, wheat straw harvesting straw automatic baling integrated machine, picking type bale baler, zl08-zl936 loader. Agricultural laser grader, deep and ground joint work machine. The main components are imported from Germany. The product structure is reasonable. The operation is simple and flexible, and the whole machine is durable and durable. Accessories have good versatility. It provides great convenience for the maintenance of the user's equipment, and the production is sold to all parts of the country.
By virtue of perfect sales network, reasonable sales price and quality after-sales service, Hengchun Machinery provides considerations and urgent solutions for users, and sincerely provides them with first-class products and services.

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